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kamil hassan beygi said on July 24, 2008

beautiful portfolio ! great design

Niall O'Leary said on October 17, 2008

Hey Nate, I've added "Hiding In The Spotlight" onto my profile it looks great-please take a look. Also updated my folio in general all feedback welcome.

Niall O'Leary said on December 03, 2008

Great news about the "Show of Hands"cover thank you-it looks great as well!

Tadeu Magalhães said on December 18, 2008

nice work!

CM Cheng said on December 19, 2008

Great stuff here and the profile picture! ha~ Thanks for adding me by the way!

Jason Gabbert said on August 07, 2009

Dude… where did your amazing eyewear go?

Nate Salciccioli said on August 09, 2009

I had to return my eyewear to Willy Wonka (the Jonny Depp version).

Niall O'Leary said on October 07, 2009

Hey Nate, We've just had a nice letter from EYE Magazine-for the JUST ADD STOCK AWARDS 2009-for the cover "Show Of Hands". We are really pleased to be part of it and congrats on the"Highly Commended" selection. Best Wishes, Niall

Thomas Reen said on November 18, 2010

Dude… where did your amazing eyewear go?