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Best of Boston / Boston Magazine


Client:   Boston Magazine

Added:   July 31, 2009

Updated:   April 15, 2011

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Boston magazine held a sort of design invitational for the cover of their annual Best of Boston issue this year. Several designers from around Boston were asked to submit comps—here's my winning design!
It's based on the most recent version of the Boston subway (known as the "T") map. The "best of" categories are used in place of station names.

They changed it a bit based on what I had submitted (see image 2). I'm kind of disappointed that they nixed the "key" at the bottom left and added the overgrown Clarendon clutter to the masthead. Oh well, I guess that's show-biz...I'm just glad I got to finally live the dream of designing a subway map, sort-of.

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Jonathan Sainsbury said on July 31, 2009

With and without the legend, it works. Without the key it's more open and clean, perhaps slightly too much so. Maybe if the key had been smaller? Oh well. It great. Congratulations on fulfilling the dream!

Alex Camlin said on July 31, 2009

Thanks Jonathan. I do like the gray-blue they used for the masthead and border. Punched it up a little. I just felt like removing the key made it look a bit unfinished, or not fully realized.

Charlotte Strick said on August 15, 2009

Very cool Alex. Congrats on the winning entry. Wish I could read the key!

Mark A. Cole said on August 17, 2009

You did a great job!

Alex Camlin said on August 19, 2009

Thanks Mark. Thanks Charlotte—the key isn't that interesting, just some FPO copy about the number of new categories, etc. I was hoping they would meet me halfway and write something clever that would go with the theme. Anyway, it was still a lot of fun.