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Client:   Corinna Sowers-Adler

Added:   June 21, 2011

Updated:   June 21, 2011

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Corinna Sowers-Adler, Performer, Singer, Director and Vocal Coach

Bloomfield, NJ

Project at a Glance:

  • Art direction and design of an identity, look and feel for Corinna

  • Print design of business cards

  • Print design of various postcards advertising upcoming shows

  • Print design of 11×17 posters

  • All photography by Wyndetryst

Project Description:
If there is one word to sum up working with Corinna its—FUN! Corinna is a super talented singer as well as director, actress, vocal coach and producer.  Recently she has begun performing more regularly in the New York City cabaret scene and needed a stellar advertising package to represent her talent.  She came to Wyndetryst with very little guidelines and let us use our expertise to put together a package of posters, business cards and postcards to not only advertise her shows but bring her personality to life.


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