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The Boy Without a Belly Button | Images of...


Client:   Myra Locatelli

Added:   October 31, 2011

Updated:   October 31, 2011

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Stories about the author's early years, when he as a boy almost drowned in a fountain.
When he was saved, he murmured in delirium: “I lost my belly button…”

Illustration by young Slovenian photographer, illustrator & designer: Katja Žerko

design: Tomato Košir, published by: Myra Locatelli, editor: Zdravko Duša
printed by: Collegium Graphicum
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The Book Designers, Ian Shimkoviak & Alan Hebel said on November 16, 2011

wonderful solution!


Tomato Košir said on November 16, 2011

Thank you, it's mainly Katjas fault. Best regards, (*)tomato