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The Unseen: Hardcover



Client:   Thomas Nelson Publishers

Added:   February 19, 2010

Updated:   June 18, 2012

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"An oldie but a goodie," from the archives.

The Unseen: by T. L. Hines

Product Description

Lucas Freund is a loner with an odd habit: he's an urban explorer. But while visiting the hidden areas of public buildings is a hobby for others, it's a way of life for Lucas. He lives inside those hidden areas--the utility chases, the abandoned storage rooms, the ceiling ductwork.

Then Lucas meets other urban explorers and discovers a group that has taken the concept to a new level: they infiltrate homes and watch the people inside. Lucas is appalled that these unseen watchers don't offer help when it is needed. But when he is approached by a federal agent who knows about his own past, he has no choice but to infiltrate the Creep Club.

Things take a deadly turn when Creep Club members start to die. Even worse, all signs point to Lucas as the killer. Will he be able to prove his own innocence . . . or will he be the next victim?

6.25 x 9.5 jacketed hardcover

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