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Don't Light Up!



Client:   Student Project

Added:   November 24, 2008

Updated:   May 23, 2009

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Postcard Brief:
The aim was to show a positive benefit from stopping smoking without the usual preaching. The target audience were 18-30 year olds, the postcards would have been displayed in the bar and club environment. There were some restrictions on the back of the postcards where the Boomerang elements had to be placed.

The concept behind the postcards was to show that smoking destroys your taste buds so much that you might as well eat cardboard. Pop out cardboard food was my idea; which allowed smokers to make their own free food from the postcards rather than eating real tasty food. The positive benefit in stopping smoking is that your taste buds start returning to normal within 24 hours of stopping, once again you can taste the flavour of food. In addition, a wallet was designed to hold a set of postcards in the form of a large safety matchbox.

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