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Client:   Self initiated project

Added:   June 02, 2010

Updated:   June 02, 2010

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I attended the Short Course "Art Direction for Film" at Central Staint Martins College of Art and Design London.
We practise every aspect of art direction for screen: script analysis, interpretation, research, concept and design development and presentation of research and ideas. We worked on the script of "Far From Heaven" by Todd Haynes without waching the movie before. As the story takes place in the 50s, a lot of research had to be done on this interesting period. I built a small (but very detailed) modell to visualise my ideas for mood and design of the livingroom in the story.
Later on I tried did a few stopmotion sequenzes with my cardboard model.

Date // January - March 2009 
Tech // Cardboard, Polyboard, Glue, Tape, Colours 
Tutors // Merle Henseland, Georgina Shorter

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