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Photography : Historic Duluth Armory I



Client:   Historic Duluth Armory

Added:   April 07, 2011

Updated:   January 10, 2013

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The Duluth Armory stands as one of Duluth’s most historic and influential buildings. Preserving and restoring the Duluth Armory represents an incredible opportunity for the people and organizations of Duluth to come together in a project that will serve as a model for the country. The specific areas for which private funds will be raised include the following:


• the Music Resource Center

• the Drill Hall
• the Veteran's Tribute Space
• the Inspirational Music Space
• Commercial Space

Duluth is a destination point for tourism; the city has great plans to build on this reputation and become known as a key venue for the arts in the Midwest. Supporting the Armory isn’t just supporting the past and preserving history, it’s the opportunity to embrace Duluth’s rich heritage and provide inspiration to many for years to come!

Duluth Armory Arts and Music Center

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