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Stalking Richard & Judy


Client:   Old Street Publsihing

Added:   October 29, 2009

Updated:   May 05, 2010

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Discipline:   Book Cover Design

Tags:   book, cover, design


"Wickedly funny" Stephen Fry

For years the oft-mispronounced novelist Jeremy Canty has been writing books with fabulous reviews but terrible sales from his bedsit in South Greenwich. But when an old, detested rival gets his very first novel picked by TV uber-couple Richard and Judy for their ultra-lucrative Book Club, Jeremy resolves to leave behind his honourable but penniless life and procure literary stardom at any cost. A riotous comedy of errors ensues as he pursues his goal with single-minded determination. We root for Jeremy through his triumphs and - more frequent - misfortunes, described in sparkling comic prose littered with one-liners of sheer genius.

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