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Well Done: A Fund Raiser for




Added:   March 09, 2010

Updated:   July 27, 2010

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As graduates fresh out of college, the members of wellDone traveled
to Africa during the Summer of 2005, during which they observed the
critical need for safe drinking water in communities throughout rural
Ghana. Wanting to make a difference they launched WellDone
with one goal: funding, constructing, and the long-term managing of six
wells in villages throughout rural Ghana. See the chart below for the
costs associated with the drilling of a single community well.

number is actually less costly than the installation of just one
industrial sized cappuchino machine you normally see at many cafes like
Starbucks. Not a very difficult number to reach through the sale of a
single tshirt design. Your purchase of one tee is quite literally one
step toward the reaching of that goal. Get one now for men or for women.

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