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T-Shirt Design



Client:   Myself

Added:   August 21, 2007

Updated:   December 03, 2008

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Tags:   coffee, t-shirt, time, waste of


At first this seemed like an amazing idea. I must have drawn it over a dozen times in the exact same way in the exact same manner in my sketch book just to see if it was really as smart as I thought it was and every time I looked at it I basked in the glory of my brilliance and wondered aloud to myself, "is there anyone as great as me in the world?"

Then I showed a few people. "Eh, I don't get it" was the most common response. Maybe i just love coffee too much.
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Tiffany Smith said on December 17, 2007

Heeeyyy! That shirt's yours? Awesome. I was totally tempted to buy it! (Maybe I will now. :) )