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Merge 2005 Holiday Card


Client:   Merge Agency

Added:   April 25, 2007

Updated:   November 20, 2008

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Tags:   illustration, promotion


As happens at every design firm, Merge waited until the very last minute to start working on their Holiday promotion. In the past they'd sent varying forms of vegetation with some sort of delicate card featuring an illustration and some copy loosely tying the plant to something about the client relationship. "Words like "grow" and "cultivate" were used. This particular year, however, due to complete lack of motivation and a razor thin budget, there would be no lucky bamboo or herb seedlings traveling through the mail. There was no time. The management was desperate for a solution so fellow designer Laura Dengler and Associate Art Director Jim Densmore and I took advantage of this opportunity to inject our own style, illustrations and sense of humor into the Holiday promotion. Having no time to pick these postcards apart, the management signed off with hopeful pessimism. A year later they made Print' Magazine's 2006 Regional Design Annual.
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