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Client:   Eksmo

Added:   January 22, 2009

Updated:   November 19, 2009

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Eksmo is one of Russia’s largest publishers meeting the challenges of a highly competitive market place, which requires the publishing of content via traditional, new and emerging media. A ‘turning point’ idea has been adopted to demonstrate the role Eksmo plays in the Russian publishing world. Eksmo is a turning point for authors, business partners and readers. The brandmark is a literal representation of the turning point, made up of two dynamically intertwined lowercase Es that read in both directions for Russian and English audiences.

Sector: Publishing
: One of Russia's largest publishers
: Brand transformation
: Brand identity designer
: Strategic brand idea, brandmark and brandstyle (look and feel)
Consultancy credit
: SCG London
Note: The final Eksmo brandmark is based on the identity shown here. These visuals are from the initial concept presentation to Eksmo.

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