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The Kindness of Women, Crash, and Super-Ca...



Client:   Picador

Added:   October 03, 2007

Updated:   January 25, 2011

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Discipline:   Book Cover Design

Tags:   book cover


by J. G. Ballard
The latest addition in the J.G. Ballard redesigned series for Picador. A semi-autobiographical sequel to Empire of the Sun. I finally heard from Ballard's agent that he liked this cover. He actually said he liked it. Nice. This is high praise since he wasn't fond of any of my other redesigns for him. Or for that matter, any of his covers ever published anywhere.

Page 2: CRASH Cover painting by Davin Watne Here's an article written by Rick Poynor analyzing the various covers designed over the years for Crash.


• A PRINT's Regional Design Annual Selection

Jacket photograph Hall by © 1999 Craig Kalpakjian // Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York

J. G. Ballard dies at age 78 // April 18, 2009.
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Steve Cooley | Cooley Design Lab said on August 23, 2008

I've always admired this cover Henry. Really nice.