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CHANGE Identity and Branding


Client:   ALDO Group, Brand & Concept

Added:   August 02, 2012

Updated:   August 02, 2012

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CHANGE is ALDO Group’s health and environment programme. This on-going project’s goal is to bring ALDO Group to a carbon neutral state.

As Lead Designer on this project, my job was to design and roll-out an identity and flexible brand system to promote the CHANGE program and its eight initiative sectors to ALDO Group's employees. Design work also included collateral for the programme launch and initiatives within the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” and “CO2 Reduction” sectors. To view more work on this project, please go to:

Art Director: Gerard ClealFor ALDO Group, Brand & Concept
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Stanislav Hristov said on August 20, 2012

Great work!
Very smart logo solution! :)