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I, Woz


Client:   W.W. Norton

Added:   December 06, 2007

Updated:   February 15, 2013

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Unused Concept

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Kirk DouPonce said on February 08, 2008

Takes me back to the early 80's. Another fine job. You should do this for a living!

Charles Brock said on February 09, 2008

Thank you sir. I thought this was dead on, but they wanted to go for the whole ipod now look, which I didn't quite understand since Steve left Apple long before "i" anything came along.

Kellner Design said on April 09, 2008

A trip, apparently, that others weren't prepared to take with you. Which is a crying shame. There's ordinary nostalgia and then there's smart, purposeful, mind-altering nostalgia... like a hit of smack or a tab of Orange Sunshine. I want a copy of this book, a-and I don't even care to read the darn thing! Too cool for this silly, attention-deficient culture. And yet (smallest of rewards) I love it. A lot.