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Client:   Harcourt

Added:   December 06, 2007

Updated:   February 15, 2013

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1: For the U.S. paperback. Comp was chosen, but publisher didn't publish due to poor sales on the hardcover

2: Unused concept.

3. Unused concept.

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Kellner Design said on May 14, 2008

This caught my eye today, and the story of its not being published must've felt like a sucker punch. I noticed that the hardcover jacket shares some very minor aspects, but I can't quite believe you had a hand in that one; this cover is just so much more artful. In any case, I do love the use and placement of the Chinese characters for the anonymous collective "author", whoever came up with that. The chosen comp, for my money, beats the trousers off the hardcover design... The tonal quality, like aging celluloid or time-burnished paper, works so satisfyingly with the blacks and shadows and the adroit dash of red. A very striking cover, not least because of its balance without symmetry.

Lynn Buckley said on April 18, 2012

so beautiful. sigh.