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Death with Interruptions


Client:   Harcourt

Added:   October 14, 2008

Updated:   February 15, 2013

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Unfortunately they decided to go with a foreign design for the U.S. release. I enjoyed working on this project.

I've changed the image on the first design to show my proposed idea for the jacket. I suggested having a printed case of  "Death", who is a 30 something female.  I don't even know if it is possible but if there was a way to actually be able to lift the flap of the envelope and see the printed case underneath. "Death's face on the case lines up with the skull on the jacket.
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Arthur Cherry said on October 21, 2008

too bad . . . I am really diggin the second one.

Nate Salciccioli said on October 21, 2008

Agreed. I never saw that second great.

Charles Brock said on October 21, 2008

Thanks guys. Maybe I should put the second one first.

Courtney Baker said on October 23, 2008

Oh yes, second one! second one! Why purple? I'm very curious.

Charles Brock said on October 23, 2008

Thank you. In the story Death is a female who delivers notification of death in a purple envelope.

Kirk DouPonce said on October 24, 2008

These are amazing! Will this be a jacket with a printed case?

Kellner Design said on December 08, 2008

I don't guess you can move that second one now, Charles, for think of the confusion that's sure to follow as we're all banging on about it, a-and calling it "the second one". Right? Anyhow, it really is a terrific cover, and it sure puts the 'memento' in memento mori. How aggravating that the publisher choked. I mean in an ideal world... aw, hell. Designers of the world unite, is all I can say.