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Oreo Manhole Cover by Andrew Lewicki


Oreo Manhole Cover by Andrew Lewicki

Artist Andrew Lewicki creates a sculpture inspired by the iconic Nabisco cookie titled, “Oreo Manhole Cover.”

A mere 28 inches wide and made of cast iron, the sculpture takes the famous pattern and transforms it into something you'd only find in the sweetest of dreams.


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Kellner Design said on August 12, 2011

Myeh. Seems like 90-years of recycling original surrealist and dada concepts would be enough to satisfy any hunger for more. This here's pretty much a movie prop—and with product placement—on a nice hardwood laminate floor, isn't it?
I'd've thought Claes Oldenburg pretty much hammered the last nail in the coffin of over-sized-common-objects-in-uncommon-places-art a long time ago.
Six, two, and even the CEO of Nabisco's about to buy himself a "woyk ov awt".