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Superbowl XLV Commercials Preview - mini Darth Vader for the win

Superbowl XLV Commercials Preview - mini Darth Vader for the win

It seems that the biggest ad so far before the Superbowl is “The Force” :60 spot, created by Craig Melchiano and David Povill for Deutsch LA (the agency who took over the VW account after Crispin Porter + Bogusky).

Spoiler: The spot features a child dressed up as Darth Vader using the force (with some help from his parents).

Other confirmed Super Bowl commercials include: 

  • Stella Artois beer will use Adrien Brody as a ’60s singer.

  • Time reports that the office-worker chimpanzees are back for CareerBuilder.com. This time they’ve learned how to drive.

  • Tire company, Bridgestone, shows off the dangers of "Reply-all."

  • The AP reports that Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osbourne star in Best Buy’s Super Bowl commercial, a first for the electronics company.

  • Eminem will be a puppet in a Lipton Brisk ad, and the brand will have 3 fan-made spots.

  • Snickers will go the comical route as usual, featuring an unusual Roseanne Barr and Richard Lewis.

  • And, Kim Kardashian will speak for Skechers. (Really?)

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Nina Tara said on February 06, 2011

Hey Matt, I love this add!


Peggy Nehmen said on February 07, 2011

This is a wonderful commercial. Fun and very clever!