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Graphic Design USA's "People to Watch in 2009"

Link: http://www.gdusa.com/issue_2009/01_jan/ptw/index.php

Graphic Design USA's "People to Watch in 2009"

According to publisher Gordon Kaye, each year GD USA chooses a
group of People To Watch who embody the spirit of the creative
community. Kaye adds that those chosen are "individuals who we have
come to know and respect for a combination of talent, leadership,
success, insight, business savvy, community service and newsworthiness."

For four decades, GD USA has devoted the January issue of the
magazine to the "People to Know" list. Many of the legends of design
across generations have been featured, including Primo Angeli, Walter
Landor, Milton Glaser, Massimo Vignelli, Saul Bass, Steff Geissbuhler,
Margo Chase, Bill Cahan, Sean Adams, Moira Cullen, Bill Grant, Debbie
Millman, and Stefan Sagmeister.

The 2009 "People to Watch" selections are: Marc Alt, Brian
Brindisi, Norman Cherubino , James Clunie, Hillman Curtis, Becky Eason,
Charlyne Fabi, Gretchen Finch, Stanley Hainsworth, Mark Hamilton, Sagi
Haviv, Linda Henneman, Julia Hoffmann, Timothy Holmes, Vicky Jones,
Seth Labenz, David Langton, Jake Lefebure, Kevin Lyons, Ed O'Brien,
Michael Ozan, Mark Randall, Roy Rub, Jeff Fisher, Brian Singer, Ted Stanaszek, Dana
Steffe, Shalmir Tippit Johnston and David Turner.


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