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A decent power point


A decent power point

While I am not that interested in "making money blogging" I really like the format of this power point presentation. Going to school, it seems that professors, presenters, and students are all notorious for giving talks that have power points full of small text and lack graphics of any kind.

This presentation style flips it. 1 thought per slide, placed over a related/witty graphic. It places an emphasis on the key thoughts of the presenter, rather than making him/her a narrator for what essentially becomes a 'digital hand out'.

I'm sure this also helps with the "reading the power point" problem...

Hopefully I can figure a way to relate this style to my own design presentations in the near future [read: next week].


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Brian Slawson said on March 16, 2007

You might be interested that musician David Byrne makes art with powerpoint. With a completely differing view, information designer Edward Tufte tells us that PowerPoint is just a bunch of decorative special-effects.


Matt Sung said on March 23, 2007

I went to E. Tufte's seminar when he was in New York last fall/winter. He's a really great speaker and his books are quite fascinating. One of the most memorable things I remember from his talk was about how bad powerpoint is. At the same time, he was talking about apple as if they were his sponsor (but not). His books are all very interesting as well. We were lucky to get the whole set at the lecture series. It's interesting because I've gotten a couple of presentation freelance job requests for some small projects. They were for people who wanted "cool powerpoint-like presentations but not in powerpoint (flash)." I didn't do them.