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Si Scott & Vauxhall Ice Skate event

Link: http://www.vauxhalliceskate.com/

Si Scott & Vauxhall Ice Skate event

Si Scott, known for his elaborate typographic illustrations, was commissioned by Vauxhall Motors to customize a pair of Vauxhall Astra ice skates for the upcoming Vauxhall winter ice skating event. Working with a theme of "One Enchanted Evening," paper-cut artist Helen Musselwhite also contributed art to help promote the event. Intercity is involved in the curation of the Vauxhall skating evening, with creative direction by Dan Glover.

The "enchanted evening" with UK-based artists, designers, stylists, and celebrity DJs will be held on January 28th at P3 Exhibitions in London. Musical guests include DJ Mr. Hudson and Coco Sumner. We're having a hard time imaging how this invite-only, unique event will visually come together. In reference to the event's set design, the event's news page says: "Tabitha Denholm and Tom Beard - probably best know for their art direction for Florence and the Machine (stage design and video directors) - are pulling it all together for us, so expect an Alice in Wonderland, fairytale, dreamlike experience." If we had the opportunity to be in London, we would've loved to attend to observe Vauxhall Ice Skate in action. We'll have to settle for photos and videos after the event concludes. For anyone interested in more information regarding Vauxhall's evening of entertainment, the event has a twitter account set up.


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