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Crayon Portraits by Christian Faur


Crayon Portraits by Christian Faur

We feel we would've seen this before, but we haven't. It's amazing to see the variety artist Christian Faur is able to create with such a limited color palette in each portrait (or non-portrait pieces). Chuck Close instantly comes to mind.
The final "paintings" are at times dizzying, and at other moments we find them beautiful.

"...Because of the three-dimensional nature of the crayons, the individual surface images appear to change form as one moves about the gallery space. The images completely disappear when viewed from close up, allowing one to read the horizontally sequenced crayon text and to take in the beautifully colored crayon tips —all the while being reminded of that first box of crayons." —Christian Faur

Our favorite series is "Forgotten Children," in which "The final images are littered with common names of children rendered in “crayonAlphabet” color. The anonymity of these individuals is reflected in both the technique and the written text that is being used in each individual frame as a face without a name is only a fiction of an individual..."


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