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Oded Ezer, TypoBerlin, THE FINGER, and I ❤ Milton

Link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/oded_ezer/

Oded Ezer, TypoBerlin, THE FINGER, and I ❤ Milton

UPDATE 9/27/08: Following similar aesthetics to Oded Ezer's earlier typographic project, The Finger, here is his poster homage to Milton Glaser's iconic I â¤ NY logo.

"A homage to Milton Glaser, whose famous I ❤ NY logo is one of the things that stuck into my mind forever. Glaser's design is simple and direct, and I felt it will be still recognizable even if I will make it more complicated." —Oded Ezer

More info about the piece can be found in a blog post from July, where Oded Ezer realizes upon returning from TypoBerlin, that he had not experimented enough with the English language.


Oded Ezer spoke at TypoBerlin 2008 this past May. Ofcourse I couldn’t make it to Berlin. But here is a video-angle view for one of his latest typographic projects which he discussed:

The Finger by Oded Ezer from www.odedezer.com on Vimeo.

Also, some attendants of the conference have posted short video clips of other prominent speakers at TypoBerlin. But so far most of them are in German except a few for Steven Heller:


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