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Let's have some Phunk - Phunk Studio's NEW WORLD


Let's have some Phunk - Phunk Studio's NEW WORLD

":phunk studio explores deeper into the creation of their own imaginary universe to build a new globalised theme park of our inner world. The multi-media collection of artworks collectively illustrates a dysfunctional tale of an apocalyptic society where good and evil co-exist. It is a world inhabited by both man and god with its own contradicting system of universal truism and values. :phunk studio has infused its own unique visual language, iconography and wit to create an urban mythological tale informed by social satire and popular culture. It reflects the collective's multi-cultural identity, background and environment. :phunk studio has developed an original illustration technique that is inspired by the halftone screen and shading techniques of comic books and manga to illustrate this ‘Universe’. It is an evolving visual system that seamlessly references and reinterprets their diverse influences such as traditional Chinese philosophy, craft and folklore, Hong Kong pulp fiction, Japanese manga and otaku subculture, Western popular culture, art and design movements into the creation of a universe populated by its own world of creatures, objects, people, ideologies, buildings, landscapes, cities, and natural forces."

Stills from the NEW WORLD show in Beijing.


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