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MoMA kinetic sculptures with littleBits

MoMA kinetic sculptures with littleBits

The MoMa Design store collaborates with littleBits to construct large scale kinetic sculptures for their windows. The window displays are titled “littleBits Make Big Things Happen” and will be on view through May 12th, 2013.
making of MoMa window displays with littleBits

MoMa shark not assembled

kinetic shark littleBits

Moma littleBits in progress
“…The installation required no programming, no wiring, and no soldering – just sensors, switches, lights, and motors snapping together with magnets. The projects aim to present electronics as just another material, accessible to everyone including kids, artists, makers, and designers – not only engineers and experts…” —littleBits press release
kinetic wheel sculpture

kinetic squares

MoMA design store display

Soho Moma design store
“We partnered with Brooklyn-based design studio Labour and challenged them to restrict themselves to only using littleBits for electronics, and no other hardware platform, or robotics tools for the entire display. Something as remarkable as a giant shark swimming after a tiny lure, or a cyclist turning a large Ferris wheel 10 times her size are at once iconic and familiar but absolutely distinctive in how we have merged two worlds, the world of art, and that of electronics…”
—Founder and CEO of littleBits, Ayah Bdeir


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