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Alexander Girard gift wrapping paper

Alexander Girard gift wrapping paper

A couple of years back I sent beautiful holiday notecards with Alexander Girard’s Dove and Hand motif design. I’ve never received a more positive response for the uniqueness of these cards (the elongated shape helped).
Now there is a whole line of gift wrapping papers (sold 3 sheets a set) just in time for the holidays which are bringing back the beauitful work of Alexander Girard to a wider audience. The choices for gift wrap (available only in UK through Lagom?) are available in six different pattern styles: Dove & Hand (red), Dove & Hand (blueish green), Eden, Names, Retrospective, and Tablecloth.
Alexander Girard Dove & Hand (blueish green) holiday gift wrapping paper
Alexander Girard Eden gift wrap
Girard calligraphic Names gift wrap
Alexander Girard Retrospective gift wrap
Alexander Girard Tablecloth gift wrap

Incase you aren't familiar with the design and illustration work of Alexander Girard, here is a little background:

“Alexander Girard (1907 – 1993) is one of the greatest colorists, pattern makers,  environmental and exhibition designers of the 20th century. Hired by Herman Miller in 1952, Girard led the company’s textile division where he brought color and life to the modern furniture creations of George Nelson and Charles and Ray Eames. He's left his distinctive fingerprints on the world of avant-garde with his celebrated contributions to the New York La Fonda del Sol restaurant, Braniff International Airlines. Using folk art as his inspiration, Girard created whimsical and sophisticated designs that have urged each of us toward a more personal and expressive way of life.” —Lagom UK


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