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A Documentary with a Glass Sign Artist


A Documentary with a Glass Sign Artist

From using gold leaf and sandblasters to cutting intricate designs and letters in glass, Danny Cooke's short documentary film on David A. Smith shows the amazing craftsmanship involved in creating ornamental glass signage. The film also touches on the rich history of beautiful gilded windows and sign writing from the turn of the century. Before watching this film I knew very little about the process behind making decorative signs in glass. 

It is awesome to see that the artist still starts sketching with a pencil, not a computer.

Towards the end of the film, David A Smith flips through the pages of a gorgeous, rare book from 1898, The Sign Writer and Glass Embosser by W. & W.G Sutherland. Seeing this book alone is good reason to watch until the very end.


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Brian Slawson said on September 26, 2010

nice video link, in our digital age the crafts are in resurgence.


Eliel Roei Reyes said on December 24, 2010

very impressive!


Ingsu Liu said on August 16, 2011

Wow, thank you, this was great to see!