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modern Dutch architecture stamps

modern Dutch architecture stamps

Postage stamps can serve as a great abridged overview of a country's culture and design. Released in 1969, below is a series of five vintage postage stamps from the Netherlands depicting 20th century buildings and architects. (Scott #B444-B48) 

The stamps themselves were designed by Rein (R.J.) Draijer. 

(thanks to Jan Middendorp for the tip)

building: Congresgebouw  city: 's Gravenhage (The Hague)  year: 1969  architect: J. J. P. Oud

building: Woonhuis (Rietveld Schroëder Housecity: Utrecht  year: 1924  architect: G. Rietveld

building: Villa Huis Ter Heide  city: near Utrecht  year: 1915  architect: R. van 'T Hoff

building: Eerste Openluchtschool (Open Air School)  city: Amsterdam  year: 1930 architect: J. Duiker

building: Burgerweeshuis (Amsterdam Orphanage)  city: Amsterdam  year: 1960 architect: Aldo van Eyck

While trying to do some more research on these stamps in my personal collection, I came across these awesome first day cover postcards with photographs that coincide with the set (via Frans van Vorstenbos).


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Jan Middendorp said on February 18, 2010

The design of the stamps themselves is not anonymous. The series was designed by the painter Rein (R.J.) Draijer, a teacher at the Royal Academy in The Hague and one of the most prolific designers of Dutch postage stamps in the 1950s and 1960s. -Jan Middendorp


Karen Horton said on February 18, 2010

Thanks Jan for providing the name of the designer! I'm not familiar with Draijer's work. Someone new added to list of people I need to read up on... I'm updating this post with a credit line for the designer.


nancy hill said on February 18, 2010

these are just great - thanks for posting