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Owls by Linda Solovic


Owls by Linda Solovic

When I first discovered the adorable owl illustration collages by Linda Solovic, I was all smiles. Linda Solovic creates precious collages made with varying papers and found materials. The color palettes are fantastic.

The artist writes, "...The inspiration and influences for my artwork are not the old masters. They are vintage greeting cards, quilts, outsider art, fabric, Marimekko and Japanese Zabka sewing projects. I am an avid collector of junk and cast off treasures, found at estate sales and flea markets and brought back to life in my illustrations and collages..."—from a bio on Linda Solovic

The top image is titled Friends of a Feather Owl Print

The above is titled Mille, Tillie and Mavis Bird Print is for sale via etsy

(discovered thanks to freshlyblended)


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