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Paper Cutting Art by Hina Aoyama

Link: http://hinaaoyama.free.fr/

Paper Cutting Art by Hina Aoyama

I'm amazed at the intricacies found in the artist Hina Aoyama's paper cut artwork. Her finishied pieces look like they required painstaking meticulousness. But when you observe her working in one her online videos, with just a pair of scissors, she fools the viewer to think this is an easy task.

Hina Aoyama, a Japanese artist living in France, was just featured in the new book by Gestalten, Tangible: High Touch Visuals. But I first discovered her work in the Type Tuesday: Delicate post made by Uppercase last week.

There is little background information on Hina Aoyama (atleast none I can find in English). But I think her beautiful work can be appreciated with few words.

Below are a few of Hina Aoyama's videos (you may want to turn the sound down a bit):




Hina Aoyama's style seems especially appropriate for the upcoming Valentine's Day. 

I wish she had custom made cards for sale on her site.


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Brian Slawson said on February 13, 2009

Super cool. We have a visiting artist/designer from China at UF this semester and she brought along some example of paper-cutting crafts from her country.


Eva Despeby said on July 02, 2010

Such a tiny work!! I think you may need a lot of patience!