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This Is Where We Live animation for 4th Estate books


This Is Where We Live animation for 4th Estate books

In honor of the upcoming 25th anniversary of 4th Estate (an imprint of HarperCollins UK), Apt Studio produced a gorgeous stop-motion animation. I was blown away when I watched this (see video below), and I'm in disbelief that the film was completed in under a month. It's the perfect blend of nostalgia, a love of books, and modernity. The film took a team of  20 animators, and more than 1,000 books were put to use. Has anyone ever seen such a beautiful promotional film for a book publisher?? I can keep myself entertained just trying to make out fragments of books I recognize.    

I'm curious if the work of artist Brian Dettmer was an inspiration.

I've included some screen shots above from the film, but the actual animation is a must-see, along with behind the scene clips on the meticulous process (see below).

Here is one of many videos on the tedious time lapse animation:

The music was created by Mike Chalmers (aka Actionfist). Asylum Films also collaborated with Apt Studio on the This Is Where We Live film.

Limited edition books are also on sale to celebrate 4th Estate's 25th Anniversary in 2009.

Another great find while browsing vimeo...


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Henry Sene Yee said on December 03, 2008

Brilliant! That sure is a lot of painstaking work. The umbrella man sure gets around.


Gris Digital said on December 23, 2008

I´m just love it!


Cory O'Brien said on January 02, 2009

Just fantastic! I hope 4th Estate was as blown away by the final product as we all were, because Apt created something truly unique with this video.