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Stamps from Royal Mail: British Design Classics


Stamps from Royal Mail: British Design Classics

update 12/29/08: The Royal Mail will release a different set of stamps every month of 2009 (more news via BBC and the 2009 schedule is now viewable on the Royal Mail site)

This morning I came across the new line of British Design Classics Prestige Stamp Book Design Classics stamps (via CR blog) which are set for release by Royal Mail in the UK on January 13, 2009. The London design studio HGV designed the series, with photography by Jason Tozer. For me, the best part of this new collection of stamps is that the name of the designer for each British design icon is listed directly  on the stamp. In addition, there is an illustrated book, British Design Classics Prestige Stamp Book which provides more information on the design icons and their respective designers. The book is written by Jim Davies.

The 10 design icons and designers are:

Mini Skirt / Designed Mary Quant

Concorde / Designed by Aérospatiale

Penguin Books / Designed by Edward Young

Routemaster Bus / Designed by team led by A.A.M. Durrant

Back in 2006, The Design Museum with BBC Two's The Culture Show, created a list of the ten most popular British designs. It seems like choices made for the new stamps series was influenced by the list.


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