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Ni no Kuni for Nintendo DS, Animation by Studio Ghibli

Link: http://www.ghibliworld.com/news.html#1110_2

Ni no Kuni for Nintendo DS, Animation by Studio Ghibli

I'm very excited about a new collaboration between game developer Level 5 and the animation studio Studio Ghibli on an upcoming RPG game for Nintendo DS. I'm not a big video game enthusiast---but any new project from Studio Ghibli is newsworthy for me. As the game will have a story line, and gorgeous animation, this is almost as newsworthy (if not more) as a new feature film from one of my favorite studios. Composer Joe Hishaishi, who has previously worked on Ghibli films, will be providing the musical score for the game. I expect the juxtaposition of his music, Studio Ghilbli's animation style, and the interactivity of a video game, to present a truly magical and unique final product. Ni no Kuni: The Another World is scheduled for release in Japan sometime in 2009. 

story synopsis excerpt from Ghibli World:

"Ni no Kuni: The Another World follows the adventure of a 13-year-old boy whose actions lead to the death of his mother. One day, the boy encounters a fairy who gives him a book which promises to lead him to the mysterious world of Ni no Kuni, a reality parallel to his own."

I haven't been able to locate any information on an English-language release. Below is a trailer for the game, as well as some samples of art. 


(all the images are © Level-5, and more image stills are available via gamekyo.com)


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raffael regis said on November 10, 2008

wouldn't it be "the other world"? "the another world" sounds strange. like engrish. but it must be amazing playing something from ghibli. i'm gonna buy a DS if it comes to america.