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Phaidon's Le Corbusier LeGrand

Link: http://astore.amazon.com/designrelated-20/detail/0714846686/105-0666396-7482014

Phaidon's Le Corbusier LeGrand

Le Corbusier (1887-1965)

Phaidon'€™s massive monograph (about 20 pounds) on the multi-faceted designer and architect, LeCorbusier, will be released on July 2, 2008. The beautiful, but heavy book (in the style of Warhol “Giant Size”) comes in a slipcase and includes a supplementary book of translations and transcriptions for all the original documents archived within the book. Le Grand was compiled by the Phaidon editors and includes an intro essay by Jean-Louis Cohen.

The monograph is packed with rare photographs, urban plans, sketches, and letters between Le Corbusier and other prominent design figures.

Sketches of the
Grand Comfort Chair be Le Corbusier and Charlotte Perriand, page 195

Cover, Des Canons, des munitions?, page 318

Le Corbusier with a Modular-related model, page 376

Schematic drawing for
Unité (1946), page 413

Living and dining areas of Mason A, page 681

Julia Hasting designed the book.


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