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Jordan Crane's Cover Art for Michael Chabon

Jordan Crane's Cover Art for Michael Chabon

One of my favorite illustrators, Jordan Crane, has designed a beautiful and elaborate package for Michael Chabon’s new book, “Maps and Legends.” This new McSweeney’s publication lives up to the standards of high production values and design aesthetics McSweeney’s Publishing is already known for. “Maps and Legends” is Michael Chabon’s first book of non-fiction, and it is broken down into 16 sections. (the interior design is quite nice also).  Last year, Jordan Crane worked with Penguin Art Director Paul Buckley on the jacket for The Dead Father’s Club by Matt Haig (part of the Penguin Classics Deluxe Editions).

The black cloth (or paper that resembles it) wraps around the hardcover jacket with debossing and foil. Then there are three bellybands with Jordan Crane’s illustrations (has anyone seen a book with three different belly bands?).


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David Huyck said on April 14, 2008

This is amazing! It rivals Craig Thompson's CD package for Menomena for complicated, layered awesomeness! Very cool.


Brandon Hill said on April 14, 2008

oh... my..... word.


Andrea Cardenas said on April 14, 2008



christy nelson said on April 22, 2008

worth the price of the book just to get the bands. christy


J.R. Caines said on April 25, 2008