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Lessons from Sagmeister

Link: http://www.deitch.com/index.php

Lessons from Sagmeister

I finally made it over to see the Stefan Sagmeister exhibtion at the Deitch gallery in Soho (still open until February 23, 2008). The same day was Michel Gondry’s opening for “Be Kind Rewind” at the second Deitch location, but the line to get in was too daunting. But, seeing the Sagmeister show, with its variety of typographic forms, was enough to absorb for one day.

11 lessons from Sagmeister / Things I Have Learned in My Life So Far exhibit at Deitch Projects (76 Grand Street location):

“Trying to Look Good Limits My Life.”

“Everything I Do Always Comes Back to Me.”

“Having Guts Always Works Out For Me.” (image above, collaboration with Bella Bordosi )

“Starting a Charity is Surprisingly Easy.” (image above)

“Drugs Are Fun in the Beginning but Become a Drag Later On.”(collaboration with Bela Bordosi)

“Money Does Not Make Me Happy.” (image above, collaboration with Ken Miki)

“If I Want to Explore a New Direction Professionally, It is Helpful to Try it Out for Myself First.” (collaboration with Marian Bantjes)

“Assuming is Stifling.”

“Everybody Always Thinks They Are Right.” (collaboration with Monika Aichele)

“Self-Confidence Produces Fine Results.”

“Being Not Truthful Always Works Against Me.” (collaboration with Ralph Amner)

Not for sale are the one-of-a-kind foggy “Steam-writing” windows, where Sagmeister’s favorite designers add their contributions. Milton Glaser, Massimo Vignelli, Bob Gill, Joe Shouldice, Topos Graphics, Nicholas Blechman, Keith Godard, Jan Wilker, Martin Pedersen, Paula Scher, Kevin McDonnell, Chip Kidd, Graham Wood, JP Williams, Number 17’s Emily Oberman and Bonnie Siegler, Tucker Viemeister, Janet Froelich, Carin Goldberg, Scott Marble, Ayse Birsel, Mirko Ilic, Debbie Millman, Hjalti Karlsson, Ji Lee, Barbara Glauber, Matthias Ernstberger, and John Parham, were previously on the schedule. ( click here for the upcoming week’s schedule, which includes Ken Carbone, Paul Sahre, and James Victore ). You can read more about this in one of Sagmeister’s blog entries.

CR blog has the full list of 20 maxims.

Dezeen has some nice photos posted from Sagmeister’s 2007 exhibition in Belgrade.

Unbeige posted about Sagmeister’s personal explorations during his 2000 sabbatical back in 2006.

Also, here is a 2004 TED video with Stefan Sagmeister, titled “Yes, design can make you happy.”


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