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Type Specimen book collection


Type Specimen book collection

I found a small, but enviable collection of vintage Type Foundry Specimen book covers on Flickr (thanks to berlintypes). You may need to find these yourself to actually see examples of the type specimen pages .

It’s too bad none of these are in my collection (but I wouldn't have room...)

Info for cover of book seen above:

Type specimen book of Schriftgießerei Flinsch. Frankfurt, St. Petersburg, presumably between 1887 and 1890*
Schriftmusterbuch (Hauptprobe) der Schriftgießerei Flinsch, Frankfurt, St. Petersburg, vermutlich zwischen 1887 und 1890*

*Auf Seite 65 wird 1887 datiert. Die 1886 geschnittene Kursive Griechisch ist bereits enthalten. Die 1890 erschienene Mikado ist noch nicht enthalten.

* Dated 1887 on page 65. Typeface "Kursive Griechisch" is present in the specimen (released 1886), typeface "Mikado" is not (released 1890).


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