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Nate Salciccioli said on March 01, 2008

Charles rocks. Everyone needs to know this.

Kristin Casaletto said on September 08, 2008

Your work is beautiful, thanks for the add! I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future! Best, Kristin

Kevin Jones said on October 30, 2008

I see you are going to be speaking at Design Forward! I am going to try to make it ... need a little Pacific Northwest contact back in my life. Best, Kevin

Jason Gabbert said on November 17, 2008

oh… hai!

Charles Brock said on November 18, 2008

oh... hell!

Rishad Patel said on June 21, 2009

Charles, you're an incredible designer. It is with that curious mix of envy and inspiration that I look through your portfolio. I have designed newspapers, magazines, floor rugs, radio commercials, sound and logos for a few years, and have always wanted to design book covers because I like to read. I'm working on my fourth now and having the time of my life. I hope that, one day, my work will be half as good as yours! Thanks for adding me to your network.

Charles Brock said on June 22, 2009

Thanks Rishad. You are very kind. I enjoyed the work on your website.